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:: All trailers can be customized to fit your needs.
Visit the Custom Trailers page and let us know what you need.

NOW Available--------- Shocker Air Hitches --- Gooseneck/ Tag

The Basics
Simple Design, Gravity rear dump feature, that can unload anywhere. NO hydraulics to maintain, just hookup and start hauling. You already have an investment in a truck why not utilize it. Cheaper to own then buying and maintaining a grain truck.

Most models can be pulled with a 3/4 ton pickup. The ladie's will appreciate the comfort of using the pickup truck.

Pictured (top): 325 Bu. Model, Shur-Loc Deluxe Truck Tarp
10,000# Heavy Duty spring axles & Elec. over Hydraulic disc brakes
Lower Picture shows the Dexter Model Hydraulic actuator used to convert elec. from your brake controller to hydraulic on the axle. Dexter has models available for drum or disc brakes.
The reliablity of hyd. brakes without changing over your truck, what a convience.

Dexter Electro-Hydraulic Actuator features include
> Solid State Electronics
> Provides capability with all after market controllers, Including Ford Intergrated controller
> Larger reservior capacity
> NEW all Aluminum housing design with fins to provide additional heat dissipation
> 2 Year Dexter limited warranty

These Hydraulic units can also be added to a lot of other trailers that we offer as well.

The basic box is 8'x12' and made from 14 ga. formed materials. It has an 18"x30" door opening in back with very little corner for any hang up of grain, result being a fast discharge.The rear clearance is 22" with drop spout up.The over all length is 20'. The height, not including the tarp is 102". The tarp will add 6" when installed. Extensions can be added to top for additional capacity, 8",13"18"sizes


Other features include

  • Fenders Over Wheels
  • Rear Ladder
  • 30,000# / 2 5/16" Gooseneck Coupler
  • Safety Chains
  • Electric Breakaway Kit,
  • 12,000 lb. Spring Return Jack.
  • Sealed LED lighting
  • If you need a pup style to use as a tag behind a truck we can build the hitch straight with a 3" pentel eye.
  • To obtain more capacity there are 8", 13", 18" extensions to add to the top of the box to get from 50-100 more bushel capacity.
  • The base unit starts out as a 300bu. capacity unit with 2- 7,000 lb. Torsion Axles, and 235-85R 16" 12-ply radials.
    From this you can add several axle sizes, wheel sizes, tops, and augers and power units.
  • Complete customer satisfaction
  • Proven reliability and versatility
  • In production since 1989

Built with Pride in the Heartland USA
Always aware of purchasing US products for production

Pictured: 350 Bu. (tarp will add 30-40 bu.)>>>> Set up for seed delivery
16' folding truck auger w/ 7' retractable poly spout
Auger can be removed and a grain spout added to haul from the field or grain bin.
8 HP Gas engine power units in Briggs or Honda, All hydraulic powered units
Steel, Poly cup and brislte flighting available also.

These units are made for more then one purpose-- Not just for planting time only.
Seed to planters and drills -- Harvest Time -- Grain deliveries anywhere
The one trailer you can use for everthing!!!!!

Indistructable polyethylene fenders
Will not rust -- Will not fade -- Will not break

"NEW" Minimizer Brand fenders
check them out at

Buy it fully equiped, or only what you need.

Basic colors
RED / BLACK / GRAY/ J.D. Green/ Blue
Other colors available, but may require an upcharge.

Axle Options
- 8,000 lb. Torsions
- 10,000 lb. G.D. Spring Axles
- 10,000 lb. H.D. Torsion axles
- 12,000 lb. H.D. Spring Axles
- 12,000 lb HD. Hydraulic Disc brakes
- 15,000 lb. H.D. Spring Axles
- 16,000 lb. H,D. Alco Axles elec

Brake Options
- Electric brakes standard equipment
- Electric Over Hydraulic-- Drum or Disc brake
- Air Brakes 1/ABS (pup style)

Wheel Options
- 235-80R 16" 10-ply radials (single or duals)
- 235-85R 16" 12 ply radials (single or duals)
- 235-85R 16" 14 ply radials (single or duals)
- 215-75R 17.5 16-ply ( single or duals)

Other options
- Shur-Co Roll Over truck Tarp
- Electric Roll Tarp
- Dual 2-Speed Jacks
- Spare Mounts and Rims
- 6"& 8"Folding Augers in 14'&16' length
- 7' Manual retractable spout & 16' ret. elec. control
- 8 H.P. Self Contained Gas Engines (Briggs)
- 5HP Gas engine, Honda unit
- Honda Engines
- Electric Start
- ALL LED Llights

Pictured: 350 Bu. Tag Trailer
Tandem 12,000# spring axles w/ Air Brakes, ABS axles, Park Brake
ST235-85R 16" 14 ply tires
Shur-Co Deluxe Truck Tarp (color match your trailer)
LED lights

Click on photo to enlarge

Shown above are two excellent upgrades--- Left picture shows unloading
lights on either side of spout to allow you to unload in the dark. The
lights are wired through a toggle switch and into your trailer plug. Also
pictured is the large door opening and greasable gear driven door crank.
Also check out the LED lighting.
Right photo shows the two speed jack upgrade to allow for more stability
if you need to dolly down with load on the trailer.

:: All trailers can be customized to fit your needs.
Visit the Custom Trailers page and let us know what you need.

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