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Trailers - Tiltbed Trailers
:: All trailers can be customized to fit your needs.
Visit the Custom Trailers page and let us know what you need.

Ultimate Tilt Series Trailers

A Series of tilts that will fit any and all your trailer needs
Tired of handling ramps? This is your solution!!

Manul or Power options available

Low pro fender style available in full or split tilt
Deckover flatbeds available in full or split tilt

The Low-Profile Design has:
- 1/8" Deckplate, ACQ treated wood or Rumber flooring available
- 14 Ga. Treadplate Fenders
- Traction Approach on floor, cushion cylinder to slow motion of deck
- Optional control valve to adjust oil flow or hold deck in a up position
- DC electric over hyd. power unit available to power deck
- Spare rim or wheel mounts, adjustable couplers, HD jacks, built in tool trays

- 72"-82" Wide Between Fenders,
- From 7,000#---- 17,000# GVWR in low profile (8,000# axles available)
- From 10,000#----- 26,000# on deck over flatbed trailers

- Flat Front Deck from 2' - 12'
- Tilt Deck in Back from 14' - 20' depending on models
- Self folding rear light bar in back___folds under deck for loading

** ALL models standard with wiring in conduit, heat shrink wire connectors
all wiring run in conduit, single ground point----less ground wires to go bad

Model SLT60 ----------Scissor Lift Trailer
16" deck height w/16" radials
11 degree tilt angle
6,000# Torsion axle, elec. 6,000# GVWR
Cushion cylinder to control deck travel
Choice of adjustable couplers, swivel jack
70" or 80" width ------- Length 12'

Model SLT35 -- 3500# rating, 8 Degree slope
Model SLT50 -- 5,000# rating, 8 Degree

Heavy Duty Gooseneck Power Tilt >> 8" channel Frame

Heavy Duty Manual tilt Tag Trailer/ AIR Brakes
Several lengths and custom otions available

AIR HITCHES now available by Shocker Hitch
Make your towing experience a lot smoother

From 5 ton up to 15 ton ratings
Also available in Gooseneck, Power tilt and more.

Heavy Duty #4 Grating on outside 24" wheel track area___more traction less slippege
available on any deck over model

102" x 21' Full tilt trailer, cushion cylinder, several axle combinations available


NOW Available------Shocker Air Hitches-------Gooseneck/Tag

Make your pulling experience a lot smother with a Air Hitch

Built With Pride in the Heartland USA

Split tilt> Tandem Dually> Rubber floor

5' front platform + 30' manual tilt tandem Dually
electric winch, storage box, steps

Pictured below: 80"x20' Heavy Duty Split Tilt Trailer, including 6' front stationary deck + 14
tilting deck with steel approach plate and set in three light cluster, all LED lights
mounted in rubber grommets, 1/8" deck plate fenders, Adjustable coupler, 8K
drop leg jack, Cushion cylinder under bed to slow travel and not allowing deck to fall to fast.
Some features pictured are optional ----- We can build to you needs

102" x 6' front + 16' tilt, 8,000# Torsions Hyd/Disc, 17,5" super singles
16,000GVW -- 7x3 one piece tube frame heavy duty--galvanized
Rumber floor, 9"c. floor members

Pictured: Power tilt model in a full 102" width option and 24' length
Set in LED lighting bars
Stake pockets and flat rail down sides
Removable tread plate fenders
Spare option & aluminum wheels

Go to the Utility trailer page for more on tilt deck car haulers

Deck over--split tilt __HOT DIP Galvanized
Check this out>> NO more painting
This one is 6' stationary and 18' tilt, 8K torsions & 17.5 16ply singles

22' full tilt power___Load & Unload containers


:: All trailers can be customized to fit your needs.
Visit the Custom Trailers page and let us know what you need.