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Gooseneck Grain Trailers

Gooseneck Grain Trailers

Trailer Description:

Grain Master - Gooseneck Grain Trailer

Gooseneck designed to be pull with 3/4 or 1 ton pickup. Box is designed to slope to a funnel effect thus not leaving any corners. Optimum grain flow, high moisture corn, Bulk meal or mixed feeds. Road ready, highway speed axles & tires, Clearance lights, turn signals, Breakaway box, safety chains. Single or tandem jacks, POLY minimizer fenders, rear ladder standard. SHUR-CO truck tarp kits, 18oz HD deluxe aluminum end caps, color choice. This design has less weight transfer to truck then a standard flatbed trailer. Maximum weight transfer, depending on size, is 2200- 3200#'s.

Pintle Tag Hitches available along with Air brake upgrades. Basic Box dimensions are 9'x12' with three extensions for added capacity.

Box sizes without tarp added:

  • 300 Bu
  • 350 Bu
  • 375 Bu
  • 400 Bu

Bu adding a tarp kit capacity will add 25--50 more bushels

Grain trailers can be equipped with the folowing options:

  • Electric Tarp Kits
  • Electric door actuator
  • Hydraulic power Jacks
  • Air Brakes
  • Elec/Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 6" x 14' or 16' folding Hydra-fold augers
  • 9' manual or 16' elec poly spouts
  • 5Hp or 8Hp Honda hydraulic power units
  • Stainless Wheel Simulators
  • Standard wheels are 16" 10plys

Upgrades include:

  • 14 Ply-- 16" Duals
  • 16 Ply - 17.5" Duals

NO charge on colors - we do not charge for colors

Take out the jerking and bouce from rough roads

We sell Nation wide with delivery available

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