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Gooseneck Grain Trailers

Gooseneck Grain Trailers

Trailer Description:

Grain Master - Gooseneck Grain Trailer

Gooseneck designed to be pull with 3/4 or 1 ton pickup. Box is designed to slope to a funnel effect thus not leaving any corners. Optimum grain flow, high moisture corn, Bulk meal or mixed feeds. Road ready, highway speed axles & tires, Clearance lights, turn signals, Breakaway box, safety chains. Single or tandem jacks, POLY minimizer fenders, rear ladder standard. SHUR-CO truck tarp kits, 18oz HD deluxe aluminum end caps, color choice. This design has less weight transfer to truck then a standard flatbed trailer. Maximum weight transfer, depending on size, is 2200- 3200#'s.    Only 12% weight transfer to hitch, Minimum stress to truck suspension!!

Pintle Tag Hitches available along with Air brake upgrades. Basic Box dimensions are 9'x12' with three extensions for added capacity.

Box sizes without tarp-----with tarp added

  • 300 Bu ------w/tarp  325 bu
  • 350 Bu-------w/tarp  375 bu
  • 375 Bu-------w/tarp  410 bu
  • 400 Bu-------w/tarp  450 bu
  • Capacity figured off dry corn basis

Grain trailers can be equipped with the folowing options:

  • Electric Tarp Kits
  • "NEW" Electric door actuator
  • "NEW" Weigh Tronics weigh system
  • Hydraulic power Jacks
  • Air Brakes
  • Elec/Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 6" x 14' or 16' folding Hydra-fold augers
  • 9' manual or 16' elec poly spouts
  • 5Hp or 8Hp Honda hydraulic power units
  • Stainless Wheel Simulators
  • Standard wheels are 16" 10plys

Upgrades include:

  • 14 Ply-- 16" Duals
  • 16 Ply - 17.5" Duals

NO charge on colors - we do not charge for colors

Take out the jerking and bouce from rough roads

We sell Nation wide with delivery available

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